GlassMasking paint provides an attractive alternative to unsightly papered windows

GlassMask Instructions

Before commencing, make sure you have the following items:

Paint Roller
  • Imitation lambs-wool roller sleeve (1/4" pile)
  • Paint tray
  • Roller extension handle
  • Drop sheet
  • Masking tape
  • Step ladder
  • Windex and paper towel for clean-up. Wear gloves and a mask for protection

Applying GlassMask
  • Before you paint any window - ensure that no window film has been applied to the glass such as security film, ultra violet film, or tinted film. Otherwise, GlassMasking paint will fish-eye - and removal may be problematic.
    Do not apply GlassMask to windows that face the sun. Those windows may break or crack, as a result - regardless of what color GlassMask you use. Even brief exposure to the sun can cause glass damage.
  • Apply GlassMask at room temperature - approx. 70 F.
    Cold weather will impede drying and may cause application problems.
    Prepainted, dry GlassMask on windows is not affected by cold temperatures.
    Use masking tape to keep GlassMask off window frames and rubber seals.
    GlassMask is designed to peel off glass only.
    Removal of GlassMask from other surfaces may be problematic.
    Apply GlassMask to the inside of the window.
    Paint (1) pane of glass at a time.
    Work fast, as GlassMask dries quickly - when applied. It starts to dry in 10 minutes.
  • BLACK Application: Cut around the inside perimeter of the window, with a continually saturated roller - then liberally apply paint the over the remainder of the window.
    Once the window is completely painted - apply light, full length vertical strokes, to remove runs and roller lines. Working from one end of the window across to the other. Discontinue the process when the paint starts to dry - otherwise patchiness will occur.
    Apply (2) coats of black. Wait (4 hours) before applying the 2nd coat.
  • WHITE Application: Follow the above instructions.
    However, once the liberal coat has been applied - use an unsaturated roller sleeve to begin light, full-length vertical strokes - working from one end of the window to the other. Keep repeating until no roller lines are visible.
    When you detect the GlassMask is begining to dry - stop immediately, or patchiness will occur.
    To achieve a frosted-finish, apply (1) coat only.

GlassMask Application Tips

  • To remove dry GlassMask from window frames, or surfaces other than glass use OPTIKLEEN: Available at your local GM Dealership.
    Part #1051515 US / Part #10951147 CDN.
  • Your local Sign company can apply white vinyl reverse-cut letters to the inside of a window... ( For Lease / Coming Soon, etc.). Then paint over the white lettering with 2 coats of black GlassMask. It will look very professional.
  • Apply 2 coats of GlassMask to a window. When dry, use a utility knife to cut out shapes. Then fill in those peeled areas with different colors of GlassMask.
    Or cut out an area - the size of a poster you want to display in the window.